A Girl is born every 90 minutes with Rett Syndrome but, most people have never heard of it... Have you?
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Heart to Heart

The Heart to Heart Partner is a meaningful way to honor someone special and support the annual conference event.
A gift of $100 will provide a Heart to Heart connection with an Rett angel.  Heart to Heart partners will be acknowledged annually.  Each year families and caregivers of Rett Syndrome children and adults attend a weekend conference held in their honor. The relaxing atmosphere enables families to experience a retreat like adventure while bonding and networking with other participants that share their daily challenges and struggles. The entire family attends the event; adults, siblings, and those with Rett syndrome.
Heart to Heart partners connect with love to those enduring the challenges of Rett Syndrome by providing support to ensure each year we can continue to have the opportunity for a family to connect.
Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Click here to become a Heart to Heart partner and an Angel Tree donor for Rett Syndrome!! 

* $10.00 savings when together

Click here to become a Heart to Heart partner for Rett Syndrome!!